Make them wonder why you're smiling
They call me Kara .
I hate a hell of a lot of people. Everyone just gets on my nerves. I love attractive guys, they're so fuckable. Oreos. Pomeranians. Glitter. Pink. California. Six packs. Reality TV. Sporks. Love. Quotes. Piercings. Ass. Guys. Pillow Pets. Snuggies. Drake. Music. Sleep. < Thats my shit.
i dont care what people think anymore, im a fucking staaaar . Ctfu .... ok bye.
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I want to fall inlove . I want to meet a guy unexpectedly.i want to start out friends. I want to laugh at all of his stupid jokes. I want to hang out with him & be able to joke around with him and tease him & have him tease me back. I want to mess up his hair & have him chase after me because of it. I want to have tickle fights. I want to annoy the hell out of eachother. I want to become best friends. I want him to stand up for me. I want to stand up for him. I want to be able to call him boo & tell him i love him without a one word reply. I want to be able to have long heart - to - heart conversations with him. & Then laugh about it later in life. I want to be able to help him pick out his outfits & pick which hat he’s going to wear when we hang out. I want to buy him stupid things for his birthday & holidays. I want to hold his hand and sit on his lap. I want us to hate the same people. I want him to flirt with me & only me. I want to slowly fall hopelessly in love with him. I want him to fall hopelessly in love with me. I want to have that awkward, perfect first kiss & it get interrupted by my stupid smile from being so happy. I want him to cheese-ily ask me out & have those butterflies when he says ” i have to ask you something” . I want to be his world. I want him to be my everything. I want to take 1394382 pictures with him because my hair didn’t look right in the first 50. I want him to kiss me in the middle of a sentence. I want to cuddle with him , so i won’t always have to be cold. I want him to throw me in the pool when i’m not paying attention. I want to be able to look through his phone, facebook, and twitter just to update his status & not to look through his messages , because thats how much we trust eachother. I want to be jealous when he has girls that are just friends , i want him to be jealous when i hug one of my guy friends. I want to hang out with his friends & i want him to hang out with mine. I want him to go with me to get a piercing and hold my hand and tell me itll be okay the whole time. I want to walk a mile on an empty street at 2 am with him. I want to be able to passionately kiss him & feel how much he loves me. I want it to be real. I want it to last. I want that teenage love. That once in a lifetime teenage love. I need it. I want to breathe it. I want to be helplessly broken apart, and to experience that heartbreak. I want us to both miss eachother , but not be able to do anything about it. I want that goodbye kiss & the random i miss you texts. I want us to slowly but surely move on. But i want us to keep a piece of eachother in out hearts just incase one day we fall in love again. I want that. I want to fall in love.

→My tan lines: I want to fall in love.


I want an awesome relationship. I want to be able to love a guy unconditionally. Almost as much as I love the Lord and I love my family and friends. I want to be able to share things with him that I share with no one else. I want to be able to trust him like no one else. I want to be myself and…

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this would be my dog.


this would be my dog.

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